BleeperBike & Moby Bike: The easiest way to explore DLR

July 17, 2020

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BleeperBike and Moby Bikes are leading the charge in sustainable

With the introduction of a new coastal cycle way from Blackrock to Seapoint, there’s never been a better time to explore dlr on bike. These innovative new bike sharing communities allow you to enjoy the sights and sounds of stunning coastal villages, indulge in local dishes or take the plunge at Seapoint Beach or 40ft swimming locations. For more information on these two bikes sharing communities, please keep reading.


BleeperBike, the healthiest and easiest way to get around Dublin, is Ireland's first stationless bike sharing scheme. Stationless bikes are equipped with a smart lock fixed above the back wheel of the bike, this smart lock controls usage of the bike by communicating with our custom built app. As the smart lock is permanently on the bike the bikes can be picked up and left anywhere that traditional bike parking is permitted, BleeperBikes do not require custom built docking bays.

Unlock a bike using their app and park at any public bikerack inside the purple zone when you're done! Download the BleeperBike App and you're on your way. You can unlock your nearest BleeperBike with a single tap.

Moby Bikes

MOBY is an innovative Irish start-up company focused on developing and bringing to market a range of electric mobility solutions for cities and individuals. MOBY wants our city to go electric and reduce car usage. 

Their bikes can get you there faster and cheaper than a taxi or car, without feeling exhausted like a normal bike does. Electric bikes offer a sustainable transport alternative that eases congestion, improves public health, and cuts carbon emissions.

Rent and ride an electric bike, when you like, pay by the minute, scan, unlock and go!  This dockless electric bike share scheme is fully licenced to operate in Dublin City.  Simply download the MOBYMOVE iOS or Android app, sign up to our Pay As You Go Plan and ride electric for  €4 for 60 minutes & €0.06 / Minute thereafter.

In response to COVID-19, Moby Bikes are working with Hospitals to provide their fleet of electric bikes for use (free of charge) by health care staff. Their fully electric, long range electric bikes helped health staff avoid having to use public transport and also shorten their commute time.

Visit www.mobybikes.com/for more information.

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