Bike Activities

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Biking for All

The Bike Hub @ Dun Laoghaire Harbour – A Mobility biking programme to allow people from all abilities to enjoy the coast by bike.


Cycle Tours

Tours of the area by bike can be taken from Dun Laoghaire Cycle Tours and Cycle Hub

Downhill Biking @ Glencullen

Explore DLR : Shankill Mountain Bikes

The Glencullen Adventure Park in the Dublin Mountains is a haven for bike enthusiasts. Located in a dense steep forest with trails for all users.


Bike Share Rental

A no fuss way to experience the coast using one of the three Stationless bike rental options

Moby – E Bike
Zipp – E Bike
Bleeper – Push Bike
ESB Bikes

Coastal Bike Route

Jump off the train at the coastal Blackrock village & start your journey along the cycle dedicated route. Take in towns, villages,  seascapes & much more.

Dedicated bike parking
Water Stations
• Picnic Areas
• Parks / Beaches / Hill top views / Sea swimming spots along the way

Bolt e-bikes

This innovative and sustainable shared bike service will be the first of its kind, connecting residents from Shankill, Dalkey, Killiney & Cherrywood with Bray for the first time. Available in the South of the County


Bike Hire & Lessons @ Ticknock Mountain Trail

Bike rental & lessons are available for bike fanatics on the mountain trails at Ticknock Wood.


New Pump Track in DLR

Pump Track at Apna Park, Dun Laoghaire. A multi-use sports track capable of use by bicycles, skateboards and in line skates. Suitable for all ages.