Family fun

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Model Railway @ Marlay Park

One of our counties much loved parks, Marlay comes with 2 cafes, a walled garden, peacocks, beautiful walks, a playground for all ages and a ride along model railway. Loved by families for generations.


Horse Riding

horse riding in DLR

Horse Riding is an ideal way to spend a family day out in the open. Take a guided trek or family lessons with the teams below in the mountains overlooking the city

Killegar Stables
The Paddocks Riding Centre

Airfield Estate

An urban farm in a very urban setting. Get back to basics with farm animals, stunning gardens and let the family learn about their food from farm to plate.


Forest Kids Survival Skills

Take a Day trip to the Dublin Mountains & learn kids survival skills. Choose from a full or half day with resident adventurer and survival expect Heather.


Parks & Gardens

Spend an afternoon in one of the many green & beautifully manicured gardens in the county. Lots of picnic spots, playgrounds & cafes.


Family Scavenger Hunt Walking Tour

Unearth hidden treasures and untold stories as you follow the 'Hidden in Plain Sight' scavenger map, unveiled exclusively for Heritage Week 2023.

The map can be downloaded here